QasionTools are the output of my interaction design diploma project at Oslo School of Architechture and Design (AHO). The tools have been developed to work with large sets of data, mainly consisting of pictures and locations. The photos that can be seen in some of the tools are taken at a study trip to London by a class at AHO.

Click around and test them out, or read all about them in the report Open report

The Tools:


Comparing individual streams of photos, and navigate complex datasets from a group of people.

Select Events

Grouping content in an easy and colorful way.


Visualizes hidden data in sets of digital photos.


Place images parallel in time, rather than space.


Display many pictures together, and emphasize the important ones


Look at geo-location data to find patterns and relations between people in time and space.

QasionTools - "From data to Meaning"
Designed and built by Morten Knutsen - Diploma project, interaction design
Oslo School of Architechture and Design, 2012